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Heart Centered Limitless Enlightenment

One of the many things we, Jan and Wal, use Divine Words Of Power for is to prepare for, and catalyze, Heart Centered Limitless Enlightenment in others. In other words we prepare people for receiving the Divine Spark of Awakening using Divine Words of Power and then, when the person is fully prepared to receive the Grace of God, we use Divine Words of Power to share the Divine Spark of Awakening with them. This Divine Spark of Awakening, in turn, brings about Heart Centered Limitless Enlightenment.

What Is Enlightenment?

When we speak of enlightenment, we are referring to being All That Is, having awareness of All That Is, awareness of consciousness, of the purity that is divine, or beyond that which is divine, that is unlimited, therefore it is limitless. Enlightenment is not an attainment. Enlightenment is not analysis. Enlightenment is awareness, understanding, and it is a becoming. Enlightenment is a being state not a doing state,

Enlightenment Is A Journey Not A Destination

Weenlightenment by pond used to believe that enlightenment was something that you eventually attain after many years of meditation and discipline. We used to believe that noteworthy beings such as the Buddha became enlightened and that was it, destination reached. Now we know that this is not so at all. The fact is that there is no limit to enlightenment, it is limitless. There is always more. There is always more enlightenment to be attained. I remember reading a few stories told by people who believed that they had arrived at their enlightenment destination. Eckart Tolle. In his book, The Power Of Now, Eckart Tolle says that at age 29, he had an “inner transformation”, and then spent several years wandering and unemployed ‘in a state of deep bliss’ before becoming a spiritual teacher. In other words, he journeyed through enlightenment. Enlightenment is a journey, not a destination.

Limitless Enlightenment

Ever-unfoldment of enlightenment is not a destination but a journey to the light of illumination, becoming one with All That Is Light that shines through illusion, resonating with truth and wholeness. So the light enlightens itself and becomes one with itself in all places. By adding light to enlightenment you find that enlightenment is limitless of itself. So one can  become enlightened and yet there is always more to learn. Certain religions and religious groups have placed their own limitations on enlightenment, on what it is and what it isn’t.

There Is No Formula For Enlightenment

Enlightened ones of the past have traveled their own path to enlightenment as they become one with the Absolute and with higher states of being, and yet it is limitless. There is no prescription for enlightenment, it will unfold for everyone in its own way and that is part of the joy of it, to experience it in a new way, each time it is experienced by a soul it is a unique experience.

Enlightenment already exists within each of us. The path to enlightenment is very simple in theory but very difficult in practice. It is simply the letting go of all that is not in harmony with enlightenment, all those  beliefs, programs, ego, etc. The fact that you are reading this page suggests you already have an idea of how difficult this is. It also suggests that you are already well along your sacred path to enlightenment.

The Limitlessness Of Self

enlightenment meditationIf you struggle with some of the concepts contained on this page, understand that words are a primitive form of communication and as you unfold in your own personal enlightenment you will gain greater appreciation of this sentence. As enlightenment proceeds, analysis drops away, thought/feeling replaces words. Using Divine Words of Power enables higher states to be experienced as your vibration rises to the divine and beyond the divine, limitless, limitlessness.

Understand the self to be a limitless being. There are many limitations in most humans programmed in from conception (or before) onwards. As your enlightenment unfolds you may attain a state of limitlessness that comes with an understanding of All That Is and an acceptance of All That Is, and not needing to know everything in the same moment. All is unfolding in the best most beneficial way and All That Is is blossoming and unfolding and becoming, on all levels, aspects and dimensions, and it is good. There is no need to know all the details, just to simply BE in the state that is a limitless state of being, that is tuned into the oneness that is All.

The Jewel In The Lotus

Some enlightenment dragonfly lotus limitlesspeople in the history of the world have been born Avatars. The rest of us have to make considerable effort before we have become sufficiently enlightened to be able to say with absolute truth, certainty and knowing, ‘I am enlightened’. As we write this we believe there to be very few people on the planet who can truthfully make this statement but the number is growing and is set to grow more and more from this day forward.

Once your level of enlightenment exceeds a certain level, ‘the pink lotus of the heart’ appears. We used to read about this pink lotus of the heart and we assumed, incorrectly, that it is the heart chakra. Let us state emphatically here, the pink lotus of the heart is NOT the heart chakra.  (It is common for awakened beings to have a heart chakra and a pink lotus of the heart simultaneously).

When the pink lotus of the heart appears, it begins to unfold to reveal ‘the jewel in the lotus’. Nearly everyone on the planet is either head-centered or centered in the lower abdomen. You can bring the centeredness to the jewel in the lotus of the heart, and to live life as a heart centered, enlightened being (although you can be enlightened and not be heart centered but, instead, crown centered).

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As we write this, the task of becoming enlightened to this degree seems extraordinarily difficult for anyone to achieve, considering the enormous challenges we had to face. However, there is a process we have decided to call  “sharing” that catalyzes awakening. We, Jan and Wal, are able to share the Divine Spark of Awakening with all who are ready to receive.

Letting Go Of Ego Or Ego Integration

Ego is not in harmony with enlightenment but ego is extraordinarily powerful and resilient. We use a powerful method that replaces the traditional “letting go of the ego” that we call “ego integration”. There are reports of enlightenment that are associated with painful experiences resulting in what they call “death of the ego“, but ego integration is not like this. Ego integration is uplifting and self empowering and pain-free, and the ego disappears with total certainty and knowing that it is done. This is dealing with the ego in an enlightened way. Even after ego integration and also after spiritual awakening, the mind can seek to reestablish the ego. One way to deal with this re-emerging ego is to daily ask yourself the question, “How clear and brilliant is my ego at the moment?” If you get a figure of less than 100% then you can resonate the Word Of Power for Highest Love, Nua, until the figure gets to 100%, at which time you may feel the urge to bring a hand to the heart to symbolically, and actually, integrate ego once again into the heart center. Persistence in this exercise should ultimately train the mind in not recreating ego.

Divine Words Of Power And The Path To Divinity

In our books, ‘Words Of Power‘ and ‘The Path To Divinity‘ we offer numerous tools to enlighten yourself and to move forward along your path to limitless enlightenment. Regular resonance of Divine Words Of Power increases those divine qualities within your being that allow a higher level of enlightenment, higher in vibration, allowing you to achieve higher states of consciousness. Expansion of your own divine light is a simple way to increase your level of enlightenment, and this exercise is explained in The Path To Divinity and here. Both books include ‘The Grand Program For Transformation’, that many find useful on their sacred path to enlightenment.

Receiving The Divine Spark Of Awakening

It is with The Grace of God that the Divine Spark Of Awakening is given and received. At this time, however, the only way to receive the Divine Spark of Awakening from us is to have  physical contact with either of us, Jan and Wal. As we reside in Adelaide, South Australia, then many will find this difficult because of the large distances they will need to travel. But the challenge of making the journey is often part of the process, the proof that you are worthy of receiving The Grace Of God.

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