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Celestial Transformation For Fast Enlightenment

Celestial Transformation For Fast Enlightenment

by Wal Heinrich on December 18, 2012

4 Levels Of EnlightenmentCelestial Transformation is the name we have given to the spiritual enlightenment work we do. It has its foundation in Celestial Words of Power. As you may discover, Celestial Transformation is the most powerful method of spiritual healing and enlightenment on the planet today. It is so revolutionary that, like most revolutionary innovations, most people find it unbelievable. Most people immersed in the traditional forms of spiritual enlightenment or religion find it unbelievable that one hour of Celestial Transformation can do more for them than all the thousands of hours of prayer and meditation have done. We expect that Celestial Transformation will eventually be accepted by the vast majority of people on Earth, although this might take a hundred years or so and we don’t expect to be around then to enjoy it.

One Hour Of Celestial Transformation With Wal Is Worth A Lifetime Of Meditation.

There are people who read this statement and accuse me of exaggeration. Here is a typical example of why I am not exaggerating:

Someone came to me for a Celestial Transformation session several days before writing this page. Let’s call him John (not his real name). John had seen the image in the right hand column of this site that says “One hour of Celestial Transformation is worth a lifetime of meditation”. He said he was skeptical and wanted me to prove to him that it was so. He said he often meditated for up to four hours per day as well as going to weekly meditation classes.

I did some measurements on John as a pre-test. The fact is that you can measure spiritual growth. There are two units of measurement. One unit of measurement is Dimensions Accessed. The other unit of measurement is Levels Of Perfection. Both measures showed that John was slightly above average in terms of spiritual growth. John’s dimensions measurement was twenty three. The average number of dimensions accessed by humans is fifteen.

Then I spent about ten minutes doing Celestial Transformation on John, after which I measured the number of dimensions he was accessing which was about seven million. From twenty three dimensions to seven million dimensions in ten minutes. John was impressed. I asked his system how many lifetimes of meditation it would take to achieve access to seven million dimensions. It responded with six lifetimes!

So, in John’s case (and in nearly every case of Celestial Transformation that we perform) the benefits of more than one lifetime of meditation were achieved and not even an hour was required, it takes just a few minutes. So those who accuse me of exaggeration are off the mark.

Of course part of this massive result is because of all the work we have done over many years in resonating Celestial Words Of Power and using them for the benefit of Earth Mother and other people. You can’t expect such big results when you first set out to perform Celestial Transformation. But every journey starts with the first step. Working with Celestial Words Of Power daily for many years creates huge changes in your own structure and your power to make change at the Spritual, Divine, and Higher Than Divine levels. Every time you transform yourself with Celestial Words Of Power, the benefits accumulate. In a beneficial Divine sense, you simply get more and more powerful.

Celestial Words Of Power

eBook wordsofpowerAt the core of Celestial Transformation are Celestial Words Of Power that are a new revolutionary tool for healing and enlightenment. By transforming yourself with Celestial Words Of Power you can access much higher dimensions of spirit and much higher levels of light much faster than by using traditional methods such as prayer, mantras, meditation etc.

The correct term for Divine Words Of Power as used in this site is Celestial Words Of Power. We have used Divine instead of Celestial in the site name in order to make it’s meaning more understandable. Why Celestial? Because Celestial Words Of Power are not only Divine but also Beyond The Divine. Yes! The Divine is not the highest. We were totally amazed at this information.

Jan and I had been using Celestial Words of Power given to us by Divine Beings in order to raise our vibrations to higher and higher Divine levels in order to access higher and higher levels of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Power. Eventually, our Divine Guide announced that we were ready to communicate directly with the One that the Holy Bible calls “Lord Jehovah”. We thought we had at last made it to the top. Our Christian upbringings had led us to believe that there was no being higher than Lord Jehovah. But, as I said, we were totally amazed when Lord Jehovah told us that we were destined to receive guidance from One who is even higher than He.

So we call Divine Words Of Power, “Celestial Words Of Power” in order to indicated that they will raise your vibration, not only to the heights of the Divine Level, but also beyond the Divine, to levels far beyond the highest Divine.

We have chosen to share Celestial Words Of Power with the world, click here.

The Purpose Of Celestial Words Of Power

The purpose of Celestial Words of Power is to heal the Earth, Earth Mother, whose divine name is Erté, and also to heal all life within and without the Earth. People who use Celestial Words of Power for this purpose are not only assisting Earth Mother but also assisting humanity through this present challenging stage in its evolution. In return for healing the Earth, users of Celestial Words Of Power will receive healing from Earth Mother, further raising their vibration.

There are dark forces at work that are bent on destroying all life on Earth and turning the Earth into another moon. There are corporations, corporate entities and countries with the power to do this now with dangerous technology driven by commercialism, which makes even good people do ‘bad’ things. You can assist by using Celestial Words Of Power to heal yourself and heal the planet and masterfully integrate this Dark Unknown so that goodness prevails.

What Happens In A Celestial Transformation Session?

To make a long story short, information in the form of light is evaluated. Information that is needed is retained. Information that is redundant or non-beneficial is removed. Information that is available within Wal’s system that is seen as useful and beneficial is duplicated and offered. I suppose that much of this can be also be done during meditation but the difference is that meditation processes a little at a time whereas Celestial Transformation processes vast amounts at a time.

Some of the things that occur during Celestial Transformation include:

  • Energy, Light and Essence are purified and uplifted (Essence is similar to what Christians call “Soul”)
  • Fragments, occulsions and splits are resolved and integrated
  • Aura and Chakras are healed and normalized
  • Light bodies are removed (humans are not designed to have light bodies. Light bodies represent interference from negative dominant beings).
  • Negativity is dismissed and non-beneficial links and relationship cords are removed
  • Kundalini is optimized

In the process any negative beings that may be interfering are sent away and the system is protected with a powerful auric shield.

Negativity may interfere in a number of ways including:

  • Interfering with channeling of mediums and Reiki style healers
  • Possession
  • Walk-in
  • Negative links
  • Transmission of negative light to the person
  • Negative light bodies
  • Negative devices

Celestial Transformation deals with all levels of negativity powerfully. Contrary to what you may read in books and web sites that say negativity is low vibration, negativity can and often does have a high vibration and it exists on the Higher Than Divine level as well as Divine, Spiritual and lower levels.

Some types of negativity include :

  • Negative Angels
  • Demonics
  • Malevolents
  • Negative Interdimensionals
  • Negative group entities
  • Negative extra-terrestrials
  • Negative Spiritual, Divine and Higher Than Divine beings
  • Dark Unknown

Everyone is dealing with negativity to some degree in accordance with Divine Law. Included in our book, Words Of Power, is the Grand Program For Transformation which will program you for automatically dealing with negativity in the best most beneficial way.

There Is No Limit To Celestial Transformation

There is no limit to Celestial Transformation as practiced by Jan and Wal. The only limits are within the person receiving the Celestial Transformation. Also, in theory, there are no limits to how many people we, Jan and Wal, could give Celestial Transformation to simultaneously as a group.

The Dangers Of Channeling

We can identify if someone has been channeling negative beings because we find a negative trail that the negative beings leave behind. In nearly all cases where we find these negative trails the person we are working with either denies they have been channeling any negative beings or they deny they have been channeling at all. This is one of the challenges of new-age workers, that intelligent negative beings have ways of influencing their audience with negative deception without being discovered. Negative group entities, I find, are often found masquerading as a positive being such as a so called  ‘Ascended Master’ or an Archangel, Archangel Michael, or Archangel Gabriel and so on. The mediums doing the channelings are nearly always totally fooled and their websites and books are full of deceptive, channeled information. These negative groups include beings who are partly positive and who know how to sound like beautiful, loving, positive beings to those who listen to them. I say this now because many who read this page will immediately consult a medium to get their opinion about what I say here. You have been warned.

Words Of Power Can Be Tapped In

By the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT (otherwise known as ‘Tapping’) you can directly affect your energy system using Celestial Words Of Power. While I wouldn’t normally do this in a Celestial Transformation session, this technique is quite useful for developing skills as a Celestial Transformation practitioner because it provides a framework for expanding your system with resonance. It is also useful if you are dealing with a physical, emotional or mental issue that is resistant to treatment in other ways. Read more about tapping in Celestial Words Of Power here.

Spiritual Awakening

We now offer Spiritual Awakening as a part of the Celestial Transformation process. Spiritual Awakening is not necessarily an outcome of resonating Celestial Words Of Power but resonating Celestial Words Of Power will assist you to prepare for awakening, and after awakening they will assist in deepening. We, Jan and Wal, have within us the spark of awakening which we freely share with all who seek it, and sometimes it shares itself, jumping into the heart of someone whether they are consciously seeking it or not. (As Ramana said, there are three types of people seeking enlightenment 1. those that are like charcoal, 2. those that are like coal, and 3. those that are like gunpowder. It takes a lot of heat to cause charcoal to burn, much less for coal, and only a spark to set gunpowder afire). Like lighting one candle from another, the spark in us ignites a spark in those who come to us to receive Celestial Transformation, catalyzing the opening of the pink lotus of the heart. Then it is up to the receiver to simply be resident in the heart and realize who they truly are. Heart awakened is awakened.


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We Are Not Offering Spiritual Awakening Via Surrogacy

Spiritual Awakening via surrogacy (meaning Jan and Wal are here in Adelaide and the other person is physically elsewhere as we assist in the opening of the heart) can be done, but it is not the nature of the gift as it is intended. Therefore the remote gift of awakening of the heart is not being offered at this time. Gifting the spark of awakening is a gift of grace. Presently it is a gift given through touch, heart to heart, hand to heart. The presence of the guru, in this case Wal and/or Jan, is necessary for the process. Physical presence is, in almost every case, essential, even if it means people take a pilgrimage in order to receive it, then even better. Perhaps I will do a blog post soon to assist people wishing to make a pilgrimage to Adelaide.

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